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I purchased a whole pack of Purina Friskies cans cat food from a local Costco store few days ago. The best before day is 2015 Mar as stamped at the bottom of the cans.

Batch number is either 30791157 or L53880570.

This afternoon I opened a fresh cans for my cat and found its content is totally rotten and covered with black mold (see photo). There is no bad smell though.

There is no visible damage to the container. I opened another cans (5th cans from the same pack) which looks ok but still I am hesitate to feed my cat with this.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Did you contact Purina? I'd like to know what they said about it.

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DO NOT feed your animals Purina!!! They are HORRIBLE!!

My dog passed away from stomach cancer due to their soft food, and if you go online you will see alot of people complaining of their pets getting cancer or some other sort of sickness and passing away due to Purina, and when you contact them all they do is say sorry and offer a free can of food... why would I want a free can when it caused my dog to get cancer and pass away???

STAY AWAY FROM PURINA!!!! Wellness dry and wet cat food is a good brand also earthborn is good and not as expensive as Wellness, if you are really on a tight budget then I would go with Meow Mix too.


My kitties will only eat Wellness. I buy two cases at a time.

If I found a can that had somehow gotten air inside and dried up, I wouldn't think it was a big deal.

I would just toss it and make sure the cans immediately next to it are ok, and enjoy your kitties. :)


Did you contact Purina? Most places will refund your money.

You can also take it back to Costco for a full refund, but still contact Purina and let them know. They may offer some free things. Unfortunately, these things do happen with perishables.

Just because it's in a can, doesn't mean it won't spoil. There are so many factors that could be to blame.

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